Who Is Jenny? (MP3)


"Who Is Jenny?" – Debut release of Jenny's Playlist.
The austrian producer and musician Fump meets french singer AntekZzz°:... in Berlin. In shortest time and with great ease they produce their first EP "Who is Jenny?". The situation in their adopted place of residence is the main topic. At least and with an ironic twinkle, they call this attitude of life "Jenny". This Soundtrack of a night – an exciting mix of minimal-electonic-beats, driving basslines and heroic 80ies synths – takes place in the pulsating city. AntekZzz°:....'s expressive voice is describing the facets of urban life in a very emotional but also humorous way.
The clubby tracks – an explicit invitation to the dancefloor – follow no song structures, but at some point you have to sing along.
The nearly completed album awaits us in 2015. The concept is maintained and Jenny's affairs are almost led ad absurdum.

01 The Snake The Bat And The Pack
02 Who Is Jenny

Artist: Jenny’s Playlist (AT/FR) Berlin
Titel: Who is Jenny?
Release Date: 01/11/2014
Format: Digital
Style: Electronica / Pop
Cat.Nr.: WLR05