Ladylike - Single (MP3)



„Dance for Norma Jeane“ that is the motto of the new EP by the austro-swedish Trio LAINE. Using their forceful electro-track and the recordings from the successful guest-performance by FUCKHEAD´s frontman Didi Bruckmayr, LAINE creates a distinct tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It was released on their new in-house electronic-label WINTERLAND RECORDINGS.

The injured Diva
Silke SILK Grabinger´s Dance-Performance "[SLIK]" served as a source of inspiration. In her performance the artist slowly approaches the icon of Marilyn Monroe using urban styles, breakdance and contemporary dance.

LAINE carried the idea even further and produced LADYLIKE: a bizarre duett – Norma Jeane vs. MM. The swedish front-girl´s (Kristina Lindberg) smooth vocals clash with Bruckmayr´s powerful voice to create an ingenious interplay.

More than ever LAINE plunge into the domain of clubsounds. Consistent with the performative conception, the exciting mix of electro-beats, forceful basslines and 80ies synths are an expicit invitation to the dancefloor.

Bringing together the protagonists, the LADYLIKE music video is a huge showdown produced by the video artists from Linz Antonin B. Pevny and Ingo Randolf.

1 Ladylike - feat. Didi Bruckmayr
2 It´s not

Release Date: 31/05/2010
Format: Digital
Style: Electro
Cat.Nr.: WLR01